Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! This week has been great, we got our flight plans so we are leaving Monday morning as long as we all get our visas in time. We also had our infield orientation yesterday to help us be a little prepared to get out in the field. We have had really good devotionals about burying your weapons of rebellion in order to really serve the Lord and become more Christ like. I am super excited because tonight and tomorrow we have devotionals and we get to hear from Apostles so I can't wait to see who it will be! We also get to do some really cool things on Christmas so it will be a really cool experience to be here during Christmas!
Sorry it's short I don't have much time because we are trying to get everything packed since today is the only day we have time to pack!
Love you all!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another fantastic week here in the MTC!! On Sunday there was a devotional and there was an guy that just got back from his mission in the Czech Republic 6 months ago so after the devotional we went and talked to him for a while. It was super cool to hear what it's gonna be like. We have had three people talk about our mission in devotionals so far one was the old mission presidents there and they talked about how the missionaries got the church started in Slovakia, the second was in one of the video devotionals from Elder Holland about how Preach My Gospel basically came to be because of a couple of missionaries in Czech and the third was the Elder that just got back so it has been really cool to hear all of these stories about our mission!
Our lessons have been going really good lately! We got one of our investigators, Martin, to commit to being baptized next month and we had our last lesson with Petra because of the Holidays but we were able to help her with her smoking addiction and she is doing a lot better now. I'm doing well with the language too, I had coaching time with one of our teachers and he told me I am doing great with the vocab and grammar I'm mostly just working on reading out loud from the Book of Mormon in Czech so I can get smoother and quicker pronunciation. Then for our service day we were cleaning residence halls and we heard a rumor about a "pillow room" so we asked him about it and he took us in there! It was so cool a room just full of pillows so we got to mess around in there for a while. Yesterday we got to Skype again, we were lucky enough to talk to the same girl as last week so we got to know her more and since we already kind of knew her we were able to teach more to her needs so it went really well! We got 6 new missionaries in our zone going to Poland and they are all really cool! Me and my companion got asked to be the example missionaries for all of the new missionaries coming in that day so we did two examples of how to get to know new investigators. That was a cool experience! If any of you want to see a cool Christmas video look up "A Savior is Born" on and you can also change the language to Czech if you wanna know what it sounds like! I hope you all have a great week, I love you all!
Veselé Vánoce,
Starší Paxton

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dobrý den!! This week has been really good!! We got Chick-fil-A for the third time here!! Crazy!!! Then we got to Skype people in the Czech Republic. We Skyped Gabriela, it was really cool! People in Czech love hockey so when I told her I play hockey she started freaking out and asking me all the questions but I didn't understand her so I just kept smiling and saying Ano! haha It was so awesome to get to know her and teach her more about the Plan of Salvation.
Then half of our zone left this week so it was kinda sad cause our zone is really small now. But I got a ton of stuff handed down to me like a mini fridge, a balloon animal kit, and so much more! I already made like 3 balloon animals! I'm getting really good!
Me and my companion got to leave the compound twice this week! So that was exciting! And we have had some really good lessons this week! Our language is getting a lot better, I still sound like a caveman when I speak in Czech but at least they understand me! haha One of our investigators has a problem with smoking so we are trying to help her quit smoking. It's hard trying to help someone break a habit especially in a different language but I think it is going well and we are really helping!
I'm doing great here! I hope you are all doing well! Love you all!

Starší Paxton

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 5 or 6...

Another great week at the MTC! I am finally past half way here! Thanksgiving was really fun here, Dallin H. Oaks came for the devotional and me and my companion got to sit on the 3rd row! Then we did our service project and make around 357,947 package dinners, that is the record in the MTC ever since they started doing this service project! It was really cool! On Sunday my companion and I taught President Yost, he is in the MTC presidency and use to be the mission president for the Czech/Slovak Mission a few years ago! We hosted the missionaries from out of the country on Tuesday so that was cool to meet some new people! Our lessons have been getting a lot better, yesterday we had two lessons and both investigators told us they would get baptized so we just have to teach them the rest of the lessons. They language has been crazy, they keep throwing all the curve balls at us but I'm getting the hang of it, I taught a lesson with no notes or anything yesterday. I'm sure it wasn't too clear but they said they would get baptized so it couldn't have been too bad! haha Well nothing new really happens when you've been in the MTC this long so I don't have much to write about!
Love you all!! Mít dobrý týden!!