Monday, April 25, 2016

Family and friends,

How is everybody?? This week has been another great week!
I had probably one of the weirdest lesson I have ever had. There is this former investigator that comes to English class and game night but stopped meeting the missionaries a while ago and all it said in the record was that she wasn't making progress. So we decided to meet with her again and in our lesson she started telling us that she is not a normal person, ever since 2009 she has been going through a change and can now speak with the "devine." She has her own company and heals people by reading them and with the communication with the devine she can heal them. Throughout she whole lesson she kept doing this weird shaking thing acting like a spirit was going through her. We also had a member there and after the lesson he advised us not to meet with her again. Then she came to game night on Friday and Elder Carlson was talking to her more about what she believes and her work and she ended up trying to bless my companion!! She is pretty crazy!
The we went to my favorite granny's house, Sister Komancova's. She always feeds us so much and it is amazing! Then she pulls out all of her pictures and goes on forever about them. It is the best!
We have been doing service for this super rich guy out in Křimice and he owns like half of the city and on Saturday he had a big event to remember the American pilots that freed their city so he invited us because we have been helping him and we are American then when he gave his speach he announced us as missionaries so that everyone would talk to us. It was super successful and we talked to so many people. The also played the American National Anthem, I didn't think I would hear that for a whole 2 years!
We have also been pretty busy getting a baptism ready for our investigator Zdeněk. He is was excited to get baptized! So we got everything ready and he is getting baptized on Saturday!
Next Monday is transfers so it is probably my last week in Plzeň. Pretty sad. I love this city and all the members but I am super excited to see where I will end up.
I hope you all have a great week!

S laskou,

Starší Paxton

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week we focused on strengthening our relationships with the members so that we can get them more involved with our investigators. On Monday we visited the Dostalovi family and had family home evening with them. It was way fun to share a lesson and play games with them. Another family we met with was the Adamčikovi, the mom has been teaching our investigators with us a lot lately but her son has been struggling with the church lately and doesn't really like the missionaries but we went there for dinner and had a fun lesson with them and after talking with him he was willing to come to sports night and teach lessons with us. It is super hard for young members here because people start drinking and smoking at the age of 14 or sometimes younger.
We have had a lot of lessons with our investigators and things are going great! One of our investigators Zdeněk had an interview with a member in the presidency because he wanted to ask the second councelor to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost when he gets baptized. He is super excited to get baptized!
I had to go to Prague on Friday to get my visa work done. I got to see everyone from my MTC group so it was way fun. Then we went to lunch with Elder Hudson and Elder Beazer.
Saturday the Czech Republic had a country wide service to clean up trash so we joined and helped clean up Plzen! We cleaned up so much crap and probably destroyed a few hobos "homes" in the park but it looks way better. Anyways it's going good! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Paxton

Monday, April 11, 2016


We had a pretty successful week here in Plzen.
On Monday we went bowling with a less active and some other missionaries in our district. Then on Tuesday President McConkie came to our district meeting and to do some interviews. He gave me a whole new out look on recognizing the spirit. One thing we do as humans is second guess all of our thoughts, but with deciding if something is the Holy Ghost or just a thought that we have is simple. Just as scriptures and many prophets have told us, anything good is from God. As I have stopped second guessing the impressions I receive we have had a lot of success. The other day we decided to contact on a bus, I contacted this girl and taught her the restoration. She wouldn't set up with me so I figured I would never see here again. But a couple days later she called and said I heard your message on the bus and I want to learn more, when can we meet? So we met with her and on Sunday she came to General Conference. We don't know why we chose to get on that specific bus but because we followed the small prompting we found someone that was in need of our message.
This weekend we had the opportunity to watch General Conference. We were able to get five of our investigators to come and watch. It was amazing how their talks were exactly what our investigators needed to hear but at the same time it was exactly what I needed to hear. I know that God speaks through His prophets and He speaks to each one of us individually. The words they spoke are just proof that God is loving and that we have true prophets in our day. I hope you all felt Gods love as you watched conference, even though almost all of you watched it last week. Have a great week.

Elder Paxton

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hello! Another great week here in Plzen! <\br> This week we officially got an inactive member named Stano active again. My last companion and I contacted him a couple months ago and after a few times of not showing up we finally met with him. He had a problem with smoking so we helped him quit but then he lost his house. We gave him a blessing and after a couple months he doesn't smoke anymore, he found a place to live and received a calling in the young mens presidency. It was amazing to hear his testimony and how grateful he was that we helped him get back into the church. Also another investigator that we have has been coming to church every week and this week one of the old grandmas in the branch thought he was already a member because he talks to everyone and fits right in but when she asked him he said no but I am getting baptized on April 30th. So he is really excited about it and the members here already love him. Last Monday was pretty sad we saw a man on a motorcycle get hit by a drunk driver and died right outside of a Catholic Kostel. Drinking is such a big problem here, it is sad to see how many people suffer from it. On Tuesday we decided to do a chalk display and draw the plan of salvation. We started drawing and it was looking pretty good when all of the sudden this drunk man walks up, grabs our chalk and starts drawing right in the middle of the plan of salvation. He drew this huge cracked hear with and arrow through it and blood coming out, then started yelling "this is me, this is my exwife. She broke my hear." Then started swearing a lot. So we had to leave our half drawn display and find somewhere else to do it. But eventually it turned out alright and we taught a lot of people. This Sunday we didn't get to watch conference because we have to wait for it to get translated and so we will watch is next Sunday. But I am excited! I know that there is opposition in all things but no matter how difficult or challenging our life circumstance, God intends for us to act rather than be acted upon. 2 Nephi 2:14. I hope you all have a great week! Elder Paxton