Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 11/25/2015

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! So I don't get a PDay this week because of Thanksgiving so they are letting me email for a little today! I'm super excited for tomorrow because we get to hear from an Apostle which is going to be so cool! Then we are making packaged dinners for 320,000 families in need! It's gonna be crazy!
This week has been great! On Sunday we had our normal Sunday devotional by Stephen B Smith, he was way funny, but about half way through he pointed at me and told me to come up to the pulpit. I was like freaking out because there were 1,500 missionaries plus all of the presidency there! So I get up to the pulpit and he asked me what I gave up to come on my mission and I told everyone that I gave up my 3 cows! haha He was pretty shocked! And I told them how I had bottle fed them since they were a couple days old and everything! Everyone laughed and randomly I will be walking around and people will come up to me and say "I hope your cows are doing okay" So that was probably the highlight of my week! On Monday they gave us Chick-fil-A again which was awesome! Yesterday an elder in our zone lost his key to his room and I found it so I went into his room and covered everything in sticky notes! It turned out pretty great! But apparently you aren't allowed to pull "pranks" in the MTC so I didn't tell anyone I did it and they still have no idea!  So anyways its been a good week, the language is coming along great this week. We started a challenge to memorize 150 words this week and I memorized 75 in the first two days! Its crazy how much you learn here! I also started Jesus the Christ which is amazing and I recommend that you read it if you haven't already! 

Starší Paxton

Thursday, November 19, 2015

MTC 11/19/2015

Hey everybody! This week has been great! We started TRC's which are basically home teaching with people that speak Czech and in two weeks we do it over skype with people in Prague! I'm way excited for that!! We've been doing really well with our lessons for our two investigators, Petra and Martin, lately. On Sunday we had an amazing devotional from Greg Droubay who is incharge of the media for the church. He told us about all of the really cool campaign things they are doing for Christmas about Jesus and to focus on him during Christmas. It's called A Savior is Born and they made two new Mormon Messages that are really good. They also have an Instagram page, a website, pass along cards, they rented out 400 taxi toppers in New York and rented the electric billboards in New York that you will be able to see on the Dick Clarks rockin new years or whatever it is.So it's gonna be pretty cool! We also watched a devotional by Jefferey R. Holland that was incredible! It was all about our missions and how it will end up being the foundation to the rest of our lives! It really changes the perspective of our mission. Monday we got to host the senior couples that got here and that was really fun! On Tuesday we had another great devotional but I wont go into depth on that one. Wednesday we got to host all of the new missionaries and it was a blast! So it's been a really fun week and I've learned so much! Thanks again to everyone that has helped me out here!

Love Starší Paxton

Thursday, November 12, 2015

MTC Week 2 11/12/2015

Hey guys!! Week two is over! It's been a pretty good week, we got two new investigators to work with and practice the language! I feel like our lessons are already getting a lot better, it's just super hard to get the investigators involved because when we ask them questions we can barely understand them but I'm starting to understand more and more each lesson so that's good! After a couple of lessons with our first investigator, Terezie, she took some time to tell each companionship what they did good and what went bad, she told me and my companion that we were the least robotic and had the best personalities so I guess that's pretty good too!!
Me and my companion got bored so we decided to join choir, we suck really bad but we made it on the big screen during the devotional where Hugo Montoya of the 70 was speaking so I was pumped about that!! Also on Monday we got Chick-fil-A for lunch!! It was probably the best day I've had here!!! On Tuesday we did our weekly service and I got everyone to sing Christmas music as loud as we could. My companion broke a urinal and it started spraying all over this guy that was sitting in the stall next to him!! haha it was probably the funniest thing that has happened this week! But everything is going really good and the language is coming along really well!! Thanks for all the love and support!
Love, Starší Paxton

Thursday, November 5, 2015

MTC Week 1 11/5/2015

Hello everyone!! I made it through my first week at the MTC!! Only 8 more to go. It's been great, the language is crazy and pretty hard to learn but I'm doing really well with it! The teachers have been speaking in Czech since day 1 and rarely speak any English to us. We taught our first investigator the second day we got here and had to teach the whole lesson in Czech so that was pretty interesting. The investigators name is Terezie she is from the Czech Republic and doesn't speak any English. I have no idea what she ever says to us so I usually just nod my head and smile. But after a few lessons we invited her to be baptized but she was baptized Catholic as a baby so she doesn't understand why she should get baptized again so we are trying to explain that to her.

My companion is great, he's from Idaho and we like most of the same things so that's good. Our district is really cool as well. There are 3 elders still here from the last transfer of Czech missionaries because their visas haven't come yet and they have helped us a lot! Everyone does really weird things here in the MTC but I guess after being here for 9 weeks you have to keep yourself entertained somehow!

We play sand volleyball every day that we have gym which is probably the funnest thing we do here! It's getting super cold though so it kind of sucks but I still play! Not much happens here though so I don't have anything really interesting to share.Thanks to everyone that has sent me stuff and helped me out with everything!! Love you all!!

Elder Paxton