Monday, June 19, 2017

Hradec Kralove

So things actually just keep getting crazier and crazier here on the mish... the lady that was supposed to be baptized last transfer but got possessed by a devil actually came to church early and gave my companion a bag full of tea and a letter in it and told him to read it when he is alone. So of course as soon as she left we opened it up and it basically said that if he doesn't leave his mission he will die and that he needs to pray in a different way and drink the tea to be healed. So yeah that happened. Also while tracting this week we rang this doorbell and this guy got really mad and told us to do some bad things to ourselves. lol so I said "We are sharing a message about families" Then he said it again so I said "Why?" he was like do you want me to go get a gun then he ran inside and came out with a machine gun!!! Elder Gubler ran but I just stood there and said what did we do wrong? Are you really going to shoot me when I haven't done anything wrong? He cocked the gun back and pointed it at me then he said if you ever come back I will shoot you, and don't ring my neighbors doorbell either. So I looked him in the eyes and said have a nice day then walked up to his neighbors door and rang the doorbell. haha he didn't shoot be though. I'll end with a good story thought don't worry! haha we do service at a catholic church every week and the priest left us alone for a while so we took some pics...
Oh also our ward mission leader gave me this sick birthday card.

s bohem
Starsi Paxton

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hradec Kralove

I don't have a lot of time but things are going well. The area here is turning around and we finally got some people to come to church so things are good. We have been meeting with a less active member and his friend that isn't a member. They are the coolest guys and they play pro soccer so we got permission to go to their game on Saturday and then on Sunday the less active came to church but his friend got injured in the game so he couldn't come. They lost pretty bad but Kingsley the member got 2 goals so that was pretty sick.
We also taught a lesson with the bishop here this week and it was a really cool lesson. We taught the word of wisdom and ya know basically just told him what it is and why we have it but then the bishop said "Not partaking of these substances is obvious, they harm our bodies. The real purpose behind the word of wisdom is keeping ourselves healthy so that we are able to serve others. If we are not healthy we need help and can not help others." I had never really thought of the word of wisdom in that way and it was really cool to think about it like that. The greatest joy comes from serving others so we must be physically able to serve others.

Have a great week.
Starsi Paxton

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hradec Kralove

This week was great!! The weather is great so people are a little more willing to talk to us! It so hot and it is barely June so I'm a little worried for July and August cause I will probably die. We found a few more students this week and they are way cool. Unfortunately they are just studying here and are from a bunch of different countries but we will still baptize them and then send em back to their countries. Because a lot fo students don't speak Czech here, we have been teaching a Czech class and we gave one of the students a Book of Mormon and he came back the next week and said he wanted to be baptized so we will see how it goes with the school year ending and what not cause he is going to need to come to church and everything before he leaves. The stake president came to Hradec this week and we had a meeting with him to talk about the missionary work here. It was a pretty cool experience to talk with him again. Yesterday I cut my leg and it wouldn't stop bleeding for 2 hours so that was an experience. I'll send pics.

​​​​ Just remember this when times get hard. It's always worth it to stay strong.
“Ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ,” Nephi said to members of the church, “having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.” (2 Ne. 31:20.) That is to say—all the faithful Saints, all of those who have endured to the end, depart this life with the absolute guarantee of eternal life. There is no equivocation, no doubt, no uncertainty in our minds. Those who have been true and faithful in this life will not fall by the wayside in the life to come. If they keep their covenants here and now and depart this life firm and true in the testimony of our blessed Lord, they shall come forth with an inheritance of eternal life.

The Homie Bruce R McConkie


Starsi Paxton

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hradec Kralove

This week has been great! It was my first week in HK. The area was pretty dead when I got here but I'm pretty use to that now. Basically every area I've been sent to has been pretty dead when I got there. We have already seen a lot of success though. The other day we set up with a mom for tomorrow and then we called this guy and he said he couldn't meet cause he lost his passport and had to search the city to find it so we said we would pray for him to find it. The next day he sent a text and said that he found it and that he has time to meet. We had a really spiritual lesson and he said he wants to get baptized so hopefully he will be able to come to church next week. HK has a lot of students and it is time for final tests so they are really busy. The ward is awesome here. We have a lot of families and little kids so it is a lot of fun. Our ward mission leader is a young return missionary so he has a lot of fire in him and gets a lot of work done.
On Saturday we had sports night with members and investigators. A bunch of way good soccer players came so it was way intense. I haven't had this much pain in my legs since hockey. It doesn't help that the next day we didn't have any lessons so we tracted and contacted all day. The weather is super nice though so I love being outside and talking to people. Also Elder Gubler and I have started a band and we are doing pretty well...

Starsi Paxton

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


This week was great. Our investigator that was in prison is free!! We found a new mom that wants to be baptised and we had stake conf yesterday so I got to see all of the members and investigators from my old areas.
We had a lesson with the mom that was supposed to get baptised this week. Turns out her son got his tooth knocked out and he was bleeding all over the place. She said that in that moment she had no faith and so she didn't think that she could be baptised because her faith wasn't strong enough. We felt prompted to show her the video of Joseph Smith when he prays in the forest and Satan tries to stop him. We talked to her about how Satan will always try to stop us from doing something that will bring us closer to God. That really helped her see that she still has faith and wants to be baptised but we told her that we want her to come to church at least 2 more times before baptism so that she will be more prepared. So things are still going well for her.
Transfers are next week so we will see what happens.
I just want to testify that no matter what trials we are going through, we can always over come them and the blessings will come. God will never leave us to go through these things alone. Jesus already did that for us so that we wouldn't have to. I know that God loves us and knows what we can handle. Have a great week!

Elder Paxton

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This week was pretty sick. The elephants were out in the field again so we went and fed them. Elder Cardon and I had a lecture and a school again. It was pouring rain and our tram had a delay so we were sprinting to this school and when we finally got there they sent us a text saying it got moved to the other side of the city so we had to sprint all over the place looking for this school. We finally got there and we were soaking wet and out of breath but this lecture was even better than the last one. They gave us a box of chocolates at the end. haha We also set up a trip with the YSA and that was really fun. We got 3 less active YSA to come with us so it was pretty successful. The mom we have been teaching was supposed to get baptized this week but we have stake conference so we moved it back a week. She had her interview and everything but then something happened on Saturday and I think her kid is in the hospital. We don't really now what is going on but we are gonna wait until she can come to church a few more times before she gets baptized.
Elder Cardon and I have offically served in the same district for 1 year straight! Pretty crazy.
Have a great week. God love you!

S bohem.
Elder Paxton

Monday, April 24, 2017


Hey everybody!
This week we did another "Uklidme Cesko" service project and we ran into a bunch of cows so of coarse I sat down and chilled with them for a while. We had a bbq with all of the people after and they were all interested in our church and why we are here. It was pretty fun. It was snowing on Wednesday but we had the town square reserved to put a tv out and blast the Easter video so we still did it even though it was snowing. We had it echoing throughout the whole center of Mistek and so many people stopped to watch and talk with us.
We didn't have any contact with the mom that has a baptismal date and she didn't come to church so we were freaking out all week trying to figure out what to do but finally on Sunday we prayed that we would see her outside with her kids and after a little while of waiting outside in the pouring rain we finally see her walk by so we went and talked to her and had a good lesson. She was having a pretty rough week and was scared to talk to us because she wasn't sure if she was ready for baptism but we talked with her and figured everything out. Also we called our guy in prison to see how his court date went and from the sounds of it he is getting deported so we are going to go visit him this week and see what is going on. We also came out of the train station the other day and there were 3 elephants just eating this tree. So we went and got some pictures of them then went home. Pretty interesting stuff happens here... It was a way stressful week with all of that but it ended alright.

We also went with Bishop to bless the sacrament at an elderly couples home and they gave us this drink that tastes and smells like coffee but it doesn't have coffee beans or caffeine. Elder Andrus looked a little confused but drank it anyways so I decided to wait until he was about half way done then I leaned over and said hey don't drink that, its coffee. He freaked out and was like I thought I heard Bishop said the word coffee but I wasn't sure, I thought it was just funny tasting hot chocolate! Finally I told him I was just joking and that it wasn't coffee and he felt a lot better. haha he was so confused why Bishop and 2 members were giving us coffee!

So that reminded me of a cool blessing that Elder Packer received while in the military about our bodies.
“You have been given a body of such physical proportions and fitness as to enable your spirit to function through it. … You should cherish this as a great heritage. Guard [it] and protect it. Take nothing into it that shall harm the organs thereof because it is sacred. It is the instrument of your mind and [the] foundation of your character.”

Have a great week and stay healthy.
S bohem,
Starsi Paxton