Monday, September 26, 2016


Pretty fun week here in Olomouc! We actually weren't even in our own area for half of it but we still rocked it this week! We had training in Brno on Thursday and then on Friday we went to Prague for my comps visa work. When we were trying to get a train to Prague the only two seats left were on a luxury train but we had to be there on time so we got on and it was the sickest train ride of my life! They gave us free food and all sorts of stuff. On the way back we weren't so lucky and got stuck on an old train that was too full so we had to stand the whole 3 hour ride.
After training on Thursday we went to visit this girls house that we got as a referral from missionaries in New York, it tooks us forever to get out to her tiny village but when we showed up the dad got super mad and kicked us off his property. We asked if we could at least give the Book of Mormon to here because we wrote our testimonies in it but that just made him even more angry. As we were walking down the street we saw them drive past us in there car so we decided to run all the way back and leave the Book of Mormon in the mail box. So we are praying that it will get to her.
We also had a lesson with this guy that looks like Jack Sparrow. The last time I met him he was wearing a kilt. He swore at me and then flashed me as he was flipping us of but this time he was actually really nice and read in the Book of Mormon with us. On Sunday one of the members here gave her departing testimony and we had a nice lunch party for her. She is leaving for the MTC this week.
Other than that it was a pretty normal week.

Having faith in Jesus Christ means relying completely on Him, trusting in His infinite power, intelligence, and love. It includes believing His teachings. It means believing that even though we do not understand all things, He does. Because He has experienced all our pains, afflictions, and infirmities, He knows how to help us rise above our daily difficulties . He has “overcome the world” and prepared the way for us to receive eternal life. He is always ready to help us as we remember His plea: “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not”

S Bohem,
Elder Paxton

Monday, September 19, 2016


Another great week! My new comp, Elder Collins, and I are doing great. We have seen a lot of blessings just in our first two weeks so this transfer should be a really good one!
School has started here so about 22 thousand young students just moved here. It is crazy!
Our mission isn't really one to get referrals but this week we got 3 solid referrals so we were pretty pumped! I know it doesn't sound like a lot but for this mission that is a ton! I have probably only gotten 2 referrals my entire mission.
We went to a members house last night for dinner and the kids play the accordion so I got to try and it was pretty sick! They also didn't believe me that I could do a back flip so I did it even though I was still in my suit.
Sorry it's short I ran out of time but I hope you all have a great week! God is there and he loves you all!:)

Elder Paxton

Monday, September 12, 2016


This week my companion and I had some pretty sweet experiences. On Tuesday we were on our way to the building but we needed to take a tram so we were at the stop and our tram was 15 minutes late so we decided to take a different tram that would at least get us a little closer but right as the tram pulled up I felt like we needed to stay. So we did and this girl was standing by us so I started to talk to her and turns out she was waiting for the same tram that we originally wanted. We got on the tram with her and had a really good lesson about how God really does care about us and wants to help us through those hard times in life. Then she wanted to meet with us again so we have a meeting with her tomorrow. It was cool to see how the Spirit guided us to find this girl.

Wednesday a man came up to me and told me and tried to sell me drugs, he said the government made it illegal because they don't want us to be healthy, its all a conspiracy. I told him I didn't have money so he started pouring some into a bag and said I'll let you have half for free. You will see within two weeks the result. We didn't end up taking it though.

Thursday our land lady came and cleaned our apartment for us. Elder Collins had his clothes in the wash and when we got home they were all hung up and our bed sheets were changed! She is the best!

Yesterday a member came up to us and asked if we would go to the hospital with him to give his mom a blessing. We end up in this sketchy hospitals where everything was basically abandoned. My companion and I were so confused. We looked all over for his mom but never found her, all of the sudden the member walks into this hospital room so we follow and we see a guy laying on the bed with one leg missing! We had no idea what was going on and neither did the guy without a leg. Then the member said to the legless guy "I was there when this happened" The guy started crying and the member told him who we were and what we do here. We ended up giving him a blessing. Turns out he jumped in front of a train to kill himself but it didn't kill him and the member was working at the train station and saw the whole thing. It was insane that we went there looking for him mom and ended up finding this man.

This week we have seen how the Spirit is willing to guide those who will listen. I am grateful for the guidance from the Holy Ghost and I encourage all of you to look for those small promptings in your everyday lives. Have a great week!

Monday, September 5, 2016


So we had transfers today but turns out I am staying in Olomouc for at least one more transfer so I am pretty excited about that. My new comp is Elder Collins and he seems pretty cool! We are gonna have a great transfer!

This week we had training so we had to go to Bratislava in Slovakia and that was pretty fun. Elder Bowen (Senior missionary) drove us all there so we got to have a pretty sick road trip with Elder Bowen! He loved it!
This week a member from Prague was staying in Olomouc and didn't have much to do so he just contacted with us all day and it was way fun. Then the next day he went all the way to Brno and bought us peanut butter from Marks and Spencer! It was awesome! We had our culture night on Friday and we went to the circus. Not a ton of people were there so a couple of the members and missionaries got called up as volunteers! It was so funny!
Saturday we got our transfer calls and Elder Vickers and I had to wait all day! Finally at 8:30 we got a call and it was my trainer who is the AP now and he said because he is going home this week and it is his last calls he wanted mine to be very last. But I got it eventually so its alright.
Sunday we went to Brno to watch the rededication of the Freiburg Temple! It was so cool to be with the members and see how much they really appreciate the temple because they don't have one here in the Czech Republic so they have to go all they way to Germany if they even want to go.
I realized how blessed we are in the states to have so many temples around us. I am so grateful for that.
I hope you all have a great week and remember how blessed you are to have these gifts from God so close to you.