Monday, June 12, 2017

Hradec Kralove

I don't have a lot of time but things are going well. The area here is turning around and we finally got some people to come to church so things are good. We have been meeting with a less active member and his friend that isn't a member. They are the coolest guys and they play pro soccer so we got permission to go to their game on Saturday and then on Sunday the less active came to church but his friend got injured in the game so he couldn't come. They lost pretty bad but Kingsley the member got 2 goals so that was pretty sick.
We also taught a lesson with the bishop here this week and it was a really cool lesson. We taught the word of wisdom and ya know basically just told him what it is and why we have it but then the bishop said "Not partaking of these substances is obvious, they harm our bodies. The real purpose behind the word of wisdom is keeping ourselves healthy so that we are able to serve others. If we are not healthy we need help and can not help others." I had never really thought of the word of wisdom in that way and it was really cool to think about it like that. The greatest joy comes from serving others so we must be physically able to serve others.

Have a great week.
Starsi Paxton

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