Tuesday, May 2, 2017


This week was pretty sick. The elephants were out in the field again so we went and fed them. Elder Cardon and I had a lecture and a school again. It was pouring rain and our tram had a delay so we were sprinting to this school and when we finally got there they sent us a text saying it got moved to the other side of the city so we had to sprint all over the place looking for this school. We finally got there and we were soaking wet and out of breath but this lecture was even better than the last one. They gave us a box of chocolates at the end. haha We also set up a trip with the YSA and that was really fun. We got 3 less active YSA to come with us so it was pretty successful. The mom we have been teaching was supposed to get baptized this week but we have stake conference so we moved it back a week. She had her interview and everything but then something happened on Saturday and I think her kid is in the hospital. We don't really now what is going on but we are gonna wait until she can come to church a few more times before she gets baptized.
Elder Cardon and I have offically served in the same district for 1 year straight! Pretty crazy.
Have a great week. God love you!

S bohem.
Elder Paxton

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