Monday, May 22, 2017

Hradec Kralove

This week has been great! It was my first week in HK. The area was pretty dead when I got here but I'm pretty use to that now. Basically every area I've been sent to has been pretty dead when I got there. We have already seen a lot of success though. The other day we set up with a mom for tomorrow and then we called this guy and he said he couldn't meet cause he lost his passport and had to search the city to find it so we said we would pray for him to find it. The next day he sent a text and said that he found it and that he has time to meet. We had a really spiritual lesson and he said he wants to get baptized so hopefully he will be able to come to church next week. HK has a lot of students and it is time for final tests so they are really busy. The ward is awesome here. We have a lot of families and little kids so it is a lot of fun. Our ward mission leader is a young return missionary so he has a lot of fire in him and gets a lot of work done.
On Saturday we had sports night with members and investigators. A bunch of way good soccer players came so it was way intense. I haven't had this much pain in my legs since hockey. It doesn't help that the next day we didn't have any lessons so we tracted and contacted all day. The weather is super nice though so I love being outside and talking to people. Also Elder Gubler and I have started a band and we are doing pretty well...

Starsi Paxton

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