Tuesday, May 9, 2017


This week was great. Our investigator that was in prison is free!! We found a new mom that wants to be baptised and we had stake conf yesterday so I got to see all of the members and investigators from my old areas.
We had a lesson with the mom that was supposed to get baptised this week. Turns out her son got his tooth knocked out and he was bleeding all over the place. She said that in that moment she had no faith and so she didn't think that she could be baptised because her faith wasn't strong enough. We felt prompted to show her the video of Joseph Smith when he prays in the forest and Satan tries to stop him. We talked to her about how Satan will always try to stop us from doing something that will bring us closer to God. That really helped her see that she still has faith and wants to be baptised but we told her that we want her to come to church at least 2 more times before baptism so that she will be more prepared. So things are still going well for her.
Transfers are next week so we will see what happens.
I just want to testify that no matter what trials we are going through, we can always over come them and the blessings will come. God will never leave us to go through these things alone. Jesus already did that for us so that we wouldn't have to. I know that God loves us and knows what we can handle. Have a great week!

Elder Paxton

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